The hotel of mysterious clocks

A special challenge was the Escape Room "Rattenloch", meaning "Ratway", as the final part, of "The Hotel of mysterious Clocks" from the provider Geheimdepot in Germany. A comprehensive production of scenery, props, technology and puzzles had to be designed, produced and installed in the smallest space, in the shortest time of 6 weeks.

Gloomworks Department, had all the creative freedom and created a perfect symbiosis with the overall concept and the sophisticated puzzles. Especially unique is the aspect of the interplay with the space. The scenery is an integral part of the game, which moves and transforms during the course of the action. The result is impressive and delighted the client as well as the players! 

Year: 2022

Company: Geheimdepot, Dorsten

Project Name: Rattenloch

Production Time: 6 Weeks