Das Kuriosum - Artifact of darkness

With great passion and a clear goal in mind, we dedicated ourselves to the project of a specially operated escape room. Our aim was to create a gruesome setting and a captivating storyline that clearly stands out from conventional escape rooms - far removed from bloodthirsty scenarios and violence. For us, this was not just a project, but a matter of the heart to demonstrate the quality and potential of our production company, Gloomworks Department.

"Artifact of Darkness" takes players into the dark world of "Das Kuriosum", a mysterious store that has slowly disappeared into the mists of the past over the decades. Here, relics from all over the world, old artifacts and seemingly insignificant objects become silent witnesses to forgotten eras. "Das Kuriosum" was once run by an owner as enigmatic as he was sinister - a man who carried an aura of darkness about him and always seemed to be surrounded by a shadow.

In a period of just seven months, we have succeeded in creating a gripping scary story that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of escape rooms. The feedback from our previous visitors speaks for itself: incomparable and on a Hollywood level. The scenery and props alone surpass all previous escape rooms in Germany and are second to none. Our focus is clearly on the staging, where puzzles are seamlessly integrated into the scenery. Together with sound, light, special effects, smells and other effects, a perfect symbiosis is created that forms an unforgettable and unique overall concept - and is already causing a sensation.

Year: 2023

Company: In-House

Project Name: Kuriosum Witten

Production Time: 7 Months