Release: The Last Element - Divided

The band "The Last Element" released today the music video for their song "Divided" from their upcoming EP "Chapter 2: Heartache" on "Drakkar Entertainment".

Gloomworks Department was once again on hand in an advisory capacity and was responsible for the implementation of the spectacular pyrotechnic effects during the video.

In this music video we decided to use various specialized effects, such as burning hands and open fire. In addition, we tested a dust explosion of considerable size, similar to the one used in "Black Pink's" music video "Kill This Love". The dust explosion was triggered by various timed ignitions, and in a few seconds debris and dust fell to the ground. Unfortunately, only part of these effects could be shown in the video, as the shot usually ends with the ceiling completely collapsing and the performers being buried under the debris and dust, thus disappearing.

We are grateful for the opportunity to expand our effects and continue to improve our experience in the future. We would especially like to thank DOP Mirko Witzki for his request and the opportunity to participate in this project.

Special thanks also go to the two performers Marlene Wies and Jakob Grobel, who were able to gain experience with pyrotechnics for the first time and successfully survived the dust explosion despite the dust cloud.