Release: Imha Tarikat - Radical Righteouesness

The band "Imha Tarikat" has released today their new music video for the song "Radical Righteouesness".

Gloomworks Department have been available for consulting and implementation of pyrotechnic effects during the music video and are very satisfied with the result and are pleased with our actions to have given the music video that certain something.

In addition, it was also the first collaboration of the DOP "Mirko Witzik", the make-up artists "Kami Zero" and the rental studio "Die Wabe", which have already worked with the famous band "Electric Callboy".

We were again very happy about the short term request, the shooting and the assignment and are proud to have been part of it. Of course, we are happy about the great result and are looking forward to providing our skills and experience in this area again very soon.