Release: Ad Infinitum - From the ashes

The band "Ad Infinitum" has released today their new music video for the song "From The Ashes" from the upcoming album "Chapter III - Downfall" on "Napalm Records".

Gloomworks Department have been available for consulting and implementation of pyrotechnic (special) effects during the music video and are very satisfied with the result and are pleased with our actions to have given the music video that certain something.

We had already implemented burning hands without VFX in the past, thematically related this again fit into this music video and was a great fun for the singer Melissa Bonny! In addition, we built self-igniting torches especially for the shoot, let sparks fly in different shots, let the drummer's cymbals burning and ignite a circle of fire around Melissa Bonny.

DOP of "From The Ashes" Mirko Witzik thought directly that we would be exactly the right people for this job, when he created the concept for this music video - which we were very happy about! The cooperation again with make-up artist "Kami Zero" was once again perfect and we are thankful for this reference.

The result can be seen and we have fully implemented what was desired to let a phoenix appear from the ashes. Thank you also to the band - we are looking forward to providing our skills and experience in this area again soon.