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To guide your ultimate imagination and perspective, it takes the utmost dedication, passion and courage. And together with you we will work passionately and creatively because there is nothing worse than subverting expectations. Let's merge our ideas and realize your project together to create a masterful gloomwork in the end.

We bring in expertise in various areas and ultimately implement them! From planning, props, sets, scenery, special effects to costumes - we bring ideas together and create ''wow'' experiences and memories. Success is our coherent overall concept.

Jens Esser & Norman Hesse

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Exceptional projects always require many trades until completion. This is not only always organizational but also an essentially creative challenge. Gloomworks Department focuses not only on one area, but on a whole range that are part of the creation process. 

There is no doubt that a small flame is already burning in you for your next project – contact us now and let it become an inferno!

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Gloomworks Department UG
Hauptstraße 14
58452 Witten

Geschäftsführer: Norman Hesse
Phone: +49 (0) 15678 776 801
Mail: info@gloomworks.com
Web: www.gloomworks.com

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